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Mobile Beauty Team at the Grammys today!! Getting Ready for the Red Carpet

Updated: Feb 4

The 64rg

With the 64th Annual Grammy Awards just around the corner, the air is thick with excitement and anticipation. The Mobile Beauty Team is overjoyed to announce that we have been granted the unparalleled privilege of working behind the scenes to make the event even more spectacular. We are determined to make the stars shine even brighter on the red carpet by creating the most stunning and unforgettable hair and makeup looks. Our passion and enthusiasm are at an all-time high as we gear up to deliver nothing but the best.

Our team of skilled artists and stylists is dedicated to providing a flawless combination of sophistication and unique flair for every celebrity we work with. The chance to contribute to such a prestigious event is truly an honor, and we are fully committed to infusing our creativity and mastery into every aspect of our work, from each brushstroke to every last hairpin.

We are also thrilled to announce we were featured in the Associated Press and invite you to check out the release here! We are so honored by this recognition of our work and grateful for the opportunity to share our journey with you. Please take a moment to check it out and learn more about our story.

We are excited to share the magic of the Grammys with you. Stay tuned for updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our unforgettable experience! Stay updated on Mobile Beauty Team news by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

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